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  • You witness others winning everyday while you keep going deeper and deeper into financial debts
  • You are at the point of giving up on Sport betting because you seem to get it wrong every time you place a bet

Let's face the facts!.....

........You wake up in the morning and you check your MPesa and all you have is 500 bob. But 500 bob is too little for you because Arsenal is playing Man-U…… You know your favorite team will win and you want to bet bigger. Your buddy Josh can save you with another 500 bob to make 1k so that you can make another 1k from the game. Everything seems to be going for you until the last 5 minutes of the game and your world is turned upside down, your team loses as you watch helplessly! Your 1K is gone into Sportpesa or mCheza or Betin or whichever betting company you are using…. To make matters worse, your buddy Josh wants his 500 bob that you had promised to pay back at the end of the match…..

You are now in debt and have nothing to bet the next game(s)…..

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So what are you getting in this New Complete Football Betting Guide?

You will:

  • Discover the most profitable betting companies you should be betting on and why you should avoid some companies (Chapter 3)
  • Discover 10 simple tips that can make the difference between losing money and winning your bets. Once you understand these small secrets you will beat the bookmaker to their game and win every time (Chapter 4)
  • Learn 4 simple steps on how to place a profitable bet that most people ignore and they lose money. You will be surprised why you have been losing money by not using these simple steps before (Chapter 5)
  • Learn the 7 traps that keep sucking your money away while betting companies maximize on them. Discover how you can avoid these traps and make maximum profit in all your football bets (Chapter 6)
  • Did you know that you lose money to sport betting companies because of poor planning? With 4 simple tips you will never lose your hard earned money to betting companies again (Chapter 7)
  • Did you know that you CAN BECOME A MILLIONAIRE IN FOOTBALL BETTING IN ONE MONTH WITHOUT EVEN WINNING A JACKPOT? It is no longer a mystery….. With our 5 Step-by-Step Simple Strategy you can turn your KSh.50,000 into more than KSh.1.7 Million in ONE MONTH! Or turn KSh.20,000 into more than KSh.1.7 Million in 38 DAYS!. Just follow our simple proven 5-Step-by-Step Strategy (Chapter 8)
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David, ManU Tosha.

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I Thought I was for Kenya Only......

"Before i downloaded the guide i thought it was for Kenya only as it says on the title. But because it was cheap i decided to buy it through m-pesa just to see if the Football Betting Guide would work in Uganda also because i like betting especially in Sportpesa. I have used it now for about one week and it is great and very easy to understand and follow"



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

​Q: Who needs the Complete Football Betting Guide?

A: The Complete Football Betting Guide is helpful for anyone regardless of the level of betting experience. The guide has been developed with simple and clear language that anyone will understand regardless of the level of education or experience

Q: How can I access the Complete Football Betting Guide?

A: Once you pay for the Football Betting Guide, an email will be sent to the email you used in purchasing the guide. You will also be redirected to a download page as soon as the transaction has been confirmed. If you don’t receive an email after the payment has been confirmed, please check the junk or spam mail in your email. If you don’t get a download link, please contact us using the contact information provided

Q: How soon can I access my Football Betting Guide?

A: The Complete Football Betting Guide will be available for download as soon the payment has been confirmed. It should take just a few minutes. If you don’t receive the download information after 20 minutes of purchase confirmation, please contact us

Q: Can I use my smartphone to download my Football Betting Guide?

A: Yes, if your smartphone or any other mobile device can access internet then you can use it to access the Football Betting Guide

Q: Can I use M-Pesa to purchase the Complete Football Betting Guide?

A: Yes you can use M-Pesa, Airtel, Orange money or even bank card to purchase your Football Betting Guide.

Q: Can I share my guide with other people?

A: No, you will not be able to share the Football Betting Guide because your guide will be licensed to you. Your copy will have your personal information at the bottom of the guide because you are the one who purchased it

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